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In accordance with the objectives of the National Health Policy 1991, to improve and manage by establishing co-ordination among governmental, non-governmental and private organizations involved in the activities related to drug production, import, export, storage, supply, sales, distribution, quality assessment, regulatory control, rational use and information flow, the National Drug Policy 1995 has been implemented. Achieving the aim and objectives of National drug Policy is another important area for DDA.

Under the Drug Act 1978, the following rules and regulation and codes have been implemented as supporting tools for the active enforcement of Drug Act 1978. Regulation on Constitution of Drug Consultative Council and Drug Advisory Committee, 2037 Drug Registration Regulation, 2038 Interrogation and Inspection Regulation, 2040 Codes on Drug Manufacturing, 2041 Drug Standard Regulation, 2043 Drug Donation guidelines have been implemented for the quality assurance of donated drugs.

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