Division of DDA


Registration Division

Import and Export Section: 

  • To  register  the  foreign  medicine  manufacturing  company  and  products  in  a  scientific  manner  for import. 
  •  To issue the recommendation letter for import/export of medicines 
  •  To renew the recommendation letter for import-export.  


Industry Section: 

  • To  issue  recommendation  letter  for  the  establishment  of  pharmaceutical  industry  and  issue Product Manufacturing License and renew them. 
  • Check and approve the pharmaceutical manufacturing plant layout. 
  •  Evaluate the new products and issue marketing permission for the sale & distribution.
  • Issue letter of recommendation for the import of raw materials and renew them. 


Pharmacy Registration Section: 

  • To register and issue registration certificates for retail / wholesale pharmacy outlet and renew them. 
  • Issue and renew certificates for persons authorized to sale medicines (Vyabashahi). 
  •  Update the record of pharmacies.


Management Division

Training and Drug Information Section: 

  • Conduct the refresher training to medicine sellers. 
  • Disseminate information about medicines particularly adverse effects, contraindication, drug Interaction and storage condition and other necessary information regarding medicines.
  •  Publish Drug Bulletin of Nepal (DBN) and distribute to health institutions, industries, medical doctors, health personnel's, pharmacists and others concerned person and institution.
  • Recommend for import of narcotic, psychotropic, precursors substances and liaise with  International Narcotic Control Board (INCB). 
  • Conduct activities related to Pharmacovigillance and Adverse Drug Monitoring Reporting.   


Planning section

  • Prepare yearly planning for activities conduct by DDA and regional office.
  • Coordinate with Ministry, other department and other government and non government organization for conducting activities and submit the report to MOH.
  • Collect, prepare and forward monthly, quarterly and yearly report.


Administration section

  • Management of human resources (recruitment, posting, promotion, transfer etc)
  • Perform Procurement related activities  Monitoring and evaluation of regional offices activities.


Inspection Division :

  1. Inspect drug industries, wholesale and retail pharmacies regularly. 
  2.  Take legal and administrative action on cases of non-compliance as per the provision of Drug Act and its Regulations. 
  3. Regulate sales and distribution of psychotropic and narcotic drugs. 
  4. Co-ordinate Good Manufacturing Practice Audit within and outside the country. 
  5. Industry inspection section
  • Inspection of pharmaceutical industry as per yearly plan.
  • Take action for noncompliance related to Drug Act 2035.


Law section

  • Prepare necessary medicine related document for registering the case on court against pharmacy and industry or order issues regulated by DDA
  • Give legal suggestion to department.


Import/export section

  • Inspection for the effective implementation of Drug Act 2035 and other regulations under Drug Act.


Audit section :WHO GMP certification and Recertification related activities.


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